The WINCHESTER Ringblaster Industrial Gun may be leased on an annual basis.
It is an advantage for you to lease the gun if:


You wish to test the gun for a longer period without any obligation to purchase it. If you, after leasing the gun for some time, wish to purchase the gun, the first year´s paid leasing fee will be deducted from the purchase price.


You anticipate to use a lot of ammunition. If you purchase 22.400 cartridges from us per year the leasing for 1 complete gun with mount will be credited and the leasing will hereby be free of charge.


If you, however, are sure that you need the gun, but only foresee a modest ammunition consumption, it will be cheaper for you over the years to purchase the gun.

For information on terms and conditions concerning leasing of the gun, please read the enclosed copy of our Leasing Agreement