Winchester 8 Gauge Industrial Bullet

Winchester 8 Gauge Ammunition is available in a variety of loads: slugs, buckshot and chilled shot.



Slug Loads
Accuracy measurement of
Winchester Industrial
5-shot group measures 1¼.”This tight grouping is typical of firing 50
feet or 15 meters.
 3 ounce lead, 2 ounce zinc slugs and 2 ounce iron slug
Cylindrical slugs are made of alloys designed to resist fragmentation upon impact. Greatest impact and shocking power is achieved in this manner and because of the shape of our slugs, energy is applied to the obstruction as a smashing blow rather than as penetration.
3 ounce zinc


Because of the lower specific gravity of zinc and iron, these slugs are larger in size compared to those made of lead. Their larger size and increased hardness offer greater knock-down and penetrating power.
The slug develops a muzzle energy of up to 9,000 foot/pounds (11756 Newton Meter). It hits the obstruction with a force equal to 4½ tons (US) dropped one foot… or to 9 pounds dropped 100 stories. Loaded with a special progressive-burning powder, Winchester industrial shells provide the highest velocity possible with safe chamber pressure.


Shot Loads
Where the standard type slug might not be suitable for use the 8 gauge 00 Buckshot and No. 2 Chilled Shot is available.

Shot Dispersion Patterns
OO Buckshot:
10″ Pattern @ 25 Feet
20″ Pattern @ 50 Feet

No. 2 Chilled Shot:
11″ Pattern @ 25 Feet
22″ Pattern @ 42 Feet