Use Winchester Industrial guns to safely increase production by solving problems in the following areas:
1. Remove accretions from the uptake and the cross over gate areas.
2. Quickly clear blockages of dross or loose refractory brick in the skim bay area.
1. Remove accretions from the uptake shaft door of converters.
1. Remove build up from walls and ceiling of concentrate storage bins.






Use the Western® gun to eliminate the danger of putting people into your silo to remove the following types of build up:
1. Build up on side walls
2. Bridging
3. Tower build up from the bottom









Reduce the danger of putting people into your boiler. Use the Western® gun to remove slag in the following areas:
1. Under the nose.
2. Around the tubes.
3. Over the burner pipe (eyebrows)

Before shooting:before After 50 cartridges:after

Shooting Scrubber build-ups

Despite automatic mechanical cleaning systems, heavy lime buildups  can occur.

ScubberTop On picture you see a scrubber almost closed with lime. Traditionally such build-up had to be removed with jack hammers with very long chisels. This is a very hard and time consuming job, since it is difficult to work with such long chisels.
ScrubberMidten Now there is the Winchester Western gun. It can be used through already existing inspection holes and is simply hung from a beam in the ceiling with an iron chain as you see on the picture in the middle. For this type of shooting Winchester CE8FRPW and CE8B2PW loads are used, since these will not harm the structure and minimize the risk for ricochets.
ScubberLow During shooting directly against the opposite side in a 90 degree angle, a chain curtain must however be used to protect the shooter against back
splashing material.The gun is used to cut keyways in the material. 3 or 4 keyways may be necessary before material the buildup  collapses, as seen on the bottom picture.


Through years of scientific research, development, and performance testing, Winchester is able to offer the widest variety of industrial loads for use in a broad range of industries. Each load is tailored to specific industrial use and performance requirements. Winchester International Ammunition offers advanced design and construction.

When used together the Winchester Industrial Guns and Ammunition form a highly effective shooting system. Added to these exceptional products is Winchester’s commitment to customer service and support. The total Winchester Industrial Guns and Ammunition package is unparalleled in quality, performance, value, and customer service.