General Description

Winchester Industrial Ammunition

Winchester Industrial Ammunition is designed specifically for use in 8 gauge Winchester Ringblaster Industrial Guns. Each load is tailored to selected industrial uses and performance requirements. Every Winchester industrial load delivers maximum smashing power, accuracy, and  dependability. All Winchester industrial ammunition is manufactured with the proven ballistics expertise and precision for which Winchester-Western sporting, hunting, and target loads are world-famous.

For maximum effectiveness,Winchester offers the widest variety of industrial loads for use in a broad range of facilities and situations.

Magnum shells are designed for superior dislodging force. The power and performance of these Magnum loads has made them a leader in all industrial applications.

Industrial loads are precision manufactured for top reliability. Their advanced components and design features include the Sealed Gas Chamber, molded fiber wads, and Olin Ball Powder propellant… all balanced for optimum performance with minimal down time and operating costs. This powerful industrial ammunition is the result of many years of scientific research, development, and performance testing. Used together, Winchester Industrial Ammunition and Winchester Industrial Guns form a highly effective, performance-proven shooting system… Designed to remove obstructions and restore production flow with the fewest shots in the shortest time.


Advanced Design and Construction

Development by Winchester of the patented Super-Seal Cup Wad, in combination with the Super-Seal Base Wad, forms a gas chamber that actually “seals in” all powder gases, minimizing gas leakage or blow-by. The jacketed slug keeps the bore free of leading.

This combination of design features gives industrial users more dependable knock-down power per dollar.


Winchester Design Advantages

Winchester Industrial Ammunition delivers superior performance because of inherent design advantages:

Paper Wrap Tubes Winchester-Western exclusive use of paper wrap tubes in construction… as opposed to conventional plastic tubes… assures positive extraction of the spent shell every time. Paper Wrap shells do not leave any sticky residue in the gun’s chamber. This exclusive Winchester feature virtually eliminates the main cause of extraction problems in industrial guns which could be caused by plastic melting and build-up.

Brass Head The double-walled brass head is another Winchester exclusive feature. It is precision-formed for sure chambering and extraction. The head retains its size and shape after firing. The brass has scrap salvage value.