Ring in kiln

We believe in our equipment, and we are sure that it will not only make your production more efficient, but also improve working conditions for  your staff. We therefore offer to let you test our gun for 1 month, so you can experience the advantages of the WINCHESTER system at your own   factory before you decide on buying or renting the system.

If your factory is situated in Europe, we offer to demonstrate the WINCHESTER-WESTERN industrial gun and ammunition at your factory without obligation for you. All you have to pay for is freight cost from Denmark to you and return, and for used ammunition.

If your factory is located outside the European Union, you may also have to pay for import duties.



This is how the demonstration works

You order a demonstration of the Winchester gun in your factory, where after we send you a complete gun assambley and 5.000 cartridges of various kind, thou which are most suitable for your purpose. When the gun has arrived, you contact us, and we agree on a date for visit of our factory trained instructor at your plant. The schedule for the training program will be as follows :

  1. The gun is being unpacked and installed on your furnace. This job will require 2 people from your staff who can help our instructor with welding necessary fixtures for the gun. It may also be necessary to weld protection shields, and to make a portable wagon in case you wish to use the gun at more than one place. Our instructor has all the necessary drawings and measurements for this work, but your staff must help him weld it together.
  2.  The factory safety rules must be made. Our instructor has the general outline for such rules, but local conditions must be considered, so that the rules are adequate for your factory. This job will be done in a co-operation between our instructor and your labor safety department. When the safety rules are finished they must be translated into your language. You may choose to do this yourselves, or you can pay an outside translator.
  3.  The staff from your factory who will actually use the gun is then being trained in proper use of the gun prior, during and after shooting. After theoretical education participants get the opportunity to test the gun in front of the furnace. We recommend that at least 1 person from each shift is trained and made responsible for the gun during the shift. It can for example be the shift foreman. After this training the participants receive a training certificate, proving that they have received adequate training to operate the gun in a correct and safe manner. Please note that it is not necessary to have actual rings or balls in your furnace to shoot at, in order to make this instruction.
  4. Finally the gun is taken to your maintenance department, where your staff is trained in normal maintenance of the gun. They will also learn how to strip the gun for periodical maintenance, and how to inspect and replace parts that gets worn, such as firing pin and springs. After the training your staff will receive a training certificate proving that they have received adequate instruction in order for them to inspect and maintain the gun.

The instruction takes 1-2 days. When the instruction is finished, our instructor leaves, and you may keep the gun for 1 month for test purpose. At the end of the test period you can return the gun to us if you are not satisfied with the results. If you do so, your only cost in connection with the test will be freight of the gun and the ammunition you have used during the test period, since you return unused ammunition to us together with the gun. The use of the gun in the test period, and our instruction in connection with the test is, in other words, FREE OF CHARGE.
Travel charges outside Europe may apply.

If you on the other hand are satisfied with the gun, you can purchase it or lease it. We recommend that you lease it the first year. Hereby you get more experience with the system before you decide. And if you decide to purchase the gun, the leasing you have paid for the first year will be deducted from the purchase price. It will therefore not cost you anything extra to lease it for 1 year before you purchase it.