Frangible 8 Gauge Loads

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Winchester Frangible 8 Gauge Loads

With Winchester Industrial
Frangible 8 Gauge Loads
Reduce Risk of Ricochets!

Now you can greatly improve operator safety while effectively removing blockages in your kiln operation with Wincehster Industrial’s new Frangible 8 Gauge Load.

Designed to help reduce ricochets by breaking up into a powder upon impact, this new, nontoxic and patented frangible iron slug is ideal for close range targets – such as Snowmen or Christmas Trees in Cooler Area and Nose Ringes and other blockages throughout the Kiln.

In fact, since the NEW Winchester Industrial Frangible 8 Gauge Load has a muzzle velocity of 2300 fps and delivers 8300 ft-Ibs. of energy at a range of 15 feet, it can be used in any and all applications – especially where Zinc or Lead contamination may be a problem.


CE8FRPW Magnum Strength
1 5/8 Ounce Frangible Projectile
Paper Warp Plastic
This is a load specially used for shooting at close range – nose rings, in coolers.
Projectile designed to disintegrate upon impact.